I love it when I find something natural, safe, and super effective for some type of challenge I have! I don’t like ants and other insects but I also don’t like using harmful chemicals to get rid of them! Now I have a solution….and it is natural, safe, and super effective!

Ants! Here’s an essential oil formula that I’ve found super effective for soldier ants in my attic, ant trails on the floor, and ants in the garden. Try it!

Ant Buster

  • 16 oz glass squirt bottle
  • 20 drops clove essential oil
  • 20 drops vetiver essential oil
  • 20 drops peppermint essential oil
  • water to fill the bottle

    Mix, shake and squirt on area 2-4 times a day until ants are exterminated!

I don’t use anything but doTERRA essential oils because they are the best quality found, and I love saving money, not wasting money on cheap oils that don’t work!

Also, I love doTERRA’s Terrashield that’s super effective as an insect repellent. See what one of my friend’s results were:

“Our family went to a Pageant a while back and I brought along my essential oils.  As we checked into the Inn, we were told that we should purchase some mosquito repellent and use it or we would be eaten alive.  Instead, I rubbed everyone down with TerraShield, except my daughter in law.  We got seated and within a few minutes, my daughter in law said she wanted the TerraShield as she had mosquitoes attacking her.  She rubbed it on and we all watched the pageant. She never had another problem and the rest of us never saw or felt a mosquito that evening. It was amazing! It really worked!” –Margaret, AZ

You can use the TerraShield straight on, or you can put it into a spritzer for use like below:


  • 1 oz glass spritzer bottle
  • 10 drops Terrashield essential oil
  • water to fill the bottle

    Spritz on before you go out in the evening.

This isn’t sticky or stinky….and it works great!

I love essential oils and how versatile, safe and effective they are….and I love the fact that I have them at my fingertips. For almost every need anyone has, there’s an essential oil solution….that works!

But don’t take my word, you have to give them a try yourself! And you can get a 25% discount right here:


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If you’d like to get rid of ants and bugs naturally, use the above recipes to get great results!

Happy Bug-Be-Gone!

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