In comparing the US to a few other countries with similar standards of education and affluence….do these statistics concern you like they do me?

US mortality rate is dropping and is now lower than many countries…..

  • Japan 83.7
  • France 82.8
  • Austria 81.6
  • Germany 81.2
  • US 78.8

US Infant Mortality Rates show…..

  • Japan 2.3
  • Italy 2.8
  • Germany 3.2
  • France 3.5
  • US 5.8

Overweight or Obese Population…..

  • Japan 24%
  • Korea 31%
  • United Kingdom 62%
  • Australia 64%
  • US 70%

YET….Total Healthcare Expenditures per Capita….

  • Japan $4,150
  • France $4,407
  • Austria $5,016
  • Germany $5,267
  • US $9,451

Are we getting the value in what we are paying?

Survey Results from a particular employee group also showed…

  • 86% are likely to join a membership-based clinic that offers integrated medicine
  • 85% want essential oils and other integrative solutions offered by provider
  • 75% don’t go to the doctor because they consider themselves “healthy”
  • 15% say their doctors currently offer integrative solutions

I’m excited that there are steps in place right now that will benefit you and I in incorporating natural solutions in our main stream model! While I personally rely almost 100% on the many gifts of nature because I know they are truly what supports my body best, I do know there are times when urgent medical care is needed. It has its place!

I’d love to have you post your comments on what’s working for you and/or what you see should be the future for healthcare!

Happy Health!


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