It’s a new school year for younger folks, and that means…. new teachers, new subjects, new learning tools, and new ideas that can shape their lives.

What about you?

Why not hop on board and get some new ideas and tools to improve your health, and the health of your family so you can improve learning and focus!

A healthy HOME and a healthy YOU starts with healthy HABITS of regeneration. What…. regeneration? 

Stop and think about it…. if you wake up tired, lack energy during the day, feel stressed, and your health is going south, it only means that your body is not properly regenerating itself. And what your daily habits entail affects you as well as children….this is important for everyone! Take a look….

Eat More Raw Fruits and Vegetables

1) Your body/bodies require nutrients to function every day. If you don’t replenish your organs and cells with adequate balanced nutrition, then you will lack energy and experience a greater amount of stress. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables in abundance and eliminate processed foods… more nutrients and less chemicals = better function!

Fortify with Whole-Food Supplements Daily

2) Taking daily supplements consistently is vital. None of us have a perfect balance diet, and supplements can fill in the holes. Most supplements contain synthetics which are useless – your body must discard them, whereas Lifelong Vitality for adults, and A2Z + IQMega for children (doTERRA) are 10 times more absorbable, why? Whole food extracts, digestible delivery system, and essential oils take them to your cells for optimal regeneration. THIS alone will help you experience more energy and less stress throughout your day.

Go to Bed Early

3) Go to bed earlier and plan for a full eight hours of sleep. This is a must for your body to properly regenerate. With eight hours of good sleep, most people accomplish more in their day because they feel better, have more energy, and have a clearer active mind. If you don’t get good sleep, it’s probably because you live on stimulants in the day instead of nutrients, and your body can’t relax at night. So first work on number one and two, then plan to go to bed earlier, then apply essential oils to help you relax at night. Lavender, Serenity blend, vetiver, Balance blend, ClaryCalm blend, are extremely effective for helping your body relax and rest. Apply topically on back or neck and feet or aromatically every night before sleep. A daily habit for children as well as the adults. Everyone needs a good night’s rest and I can help you get started here:

Drink to Cleanse

4) Another important habit is to drink to cleanse. Think about it, you encounter all kinds of pollutions throughout the day from foods, cleaners, and a variety of external toxins. These must be discarded regularly and daily. Soft drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks, milk, and many other drinks  add to the toxicity problem. Pure water, however, with a few drops of Lemon essential oil does just the opposite…. cleanse and support healthy cells and organs. Make sense?

There could be many more things we could add to this list, but seriously, why not start here and take these four simple back-to-school ideas and implement them for improving the health of everyone in your home. 

Why not learn how to feel better, sleep better, and learn better! 

For the Healthy and Happy,

Erleen Tilton
Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Certified Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach & Author

PS…Just introduced was doTERRA’s Kids Collection….AMAZING! Because essential oils are supplements and not drugs, children can take them to school or wherever they are. They are tested safe for children to use as needed. Check it out: then don’t forget to go here:

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