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Ants, Bugs…Is There A Natural Solution?

I love it when I find something natural, safe, and super effective for some type of challenge I have! I don’t like ants and other insects but I also don’t like using harmful chemicals to get rid of them! Now I have a solution….and it is natural, safe, and super...

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Have a Cool and Energy-Filled Summer!

Are you feeling cool and energetic this summer? Heat and humidity are real at this time of year (if you live in the northern hemisphere). However, there are some super ways to keep yourself cooler and full of energy - take a look at the ideas below! QUICK AND SIMPLE...

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White Fir: Miracle Oil for Shoulders and Knees!

An Oil for Everything? When I began using essential oils regularly, I was often told there was an oil for everything.....everything? As I began testing that out, I was blown away at the many different challenges people were facing and had experienced amazing results....

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Super Foods for a Cool Summer

Would you like to have super tasty foods this summer that are healthy and require little preparation? Like you, I'm always super busy! So, these are the 4 criteria for my favorite summer foods: Fresh! Must have fresh vegetables or fruits to keep me hydrated, thin, and...

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Speed Up Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat!

Metabolism is the process by which your body burns calories in order to fuel its daily functions. Whether you are asleep or awake, your metabolism is always working.  While the process seems rather simple, most people have a hard time harnessing the power of speeding...

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Essential Solutions for Respiratory Challenges

Essential oils have been used effectively for thousands of years as aromatherapy, so they should be high on one’s list of choices when it comes to promoting healthy respiratory functions. But let’s first understand what might be causing any respiratory dysfunctions to...

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