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Luncheon Egg Salad

Simple, hearty, satisfying! This is a perfect salad to put together in minutes at home or pack to go for lunch. The dressing is super simple, super yummy, and great for supporting great energy and a happy weight - drizzle on just before...

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Chicken-Lime Wraps

Delicious 15-minute meal!

Wouldn’t you like to have a super-simple, healthy dinner that can be put together in minutes? The lime and black pepper oils are healthy additions for alkalizing, cleansing, and improving digestion. You’ll love the flavor! You’ll want to make these often!

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Chinese Salad

Did you know ginger is excellent for aiding good digestion? That’s why the Chinese use it in so many of their foods, and here’s a more simple way to use ginger. This salad is a hit every time it’s served!

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Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Pie

King of Holiday Pies!

The ONLY thing that could top a Pumpkin Pie is a Sweet Potato Pie! And with these essential oils the flavor in this pie recipe tops them all, plus the gluten-free crust makes it even better – try it and see!

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Pumpkin Bars

Perfect treat for fall parties!

These are a nutty, melt in your mouth kind of treat, and the best part is that cinnamon and ginger are excellent for balancing blood sugar and supporting good digestion – you’ll love the flavor and the benefits!

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Crispy Rice Bars

What’s better than a tasty treat mid-afternoon? A super delicious treat that can be made in minutes, needs no baking, full of protein and nutrition, and supports good immunity! So satisfying!

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Essential Articles

Building Strong Bones

Osteoporosis is a hot topic today! However, these statistics and findings may shock you! 1) A 12-year Harvard study of almost 78,000 women concluded that milk drinkers broke three times more bones than those who rarely drank milk....

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