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Symptoms or Root Causes…Bandages or Solutions?

When you have a health challenge…..what’s your typical action? 1) Treat the symptom and apply a bandage to cover it up? 2) Look for the root cause and find a long-term solution? If you want long-term wellness, you must address the root cause not just the symptom. So...

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It’s Amazing What Children Can Do!

Well there’s Mother’s Day, and there’s Father’s Day, does anyone celebrate Children’s Day or celebrate children in general? Today’s children become tomorrow’s how we teach and train our children or grandchildren really does have a great impact on society!...

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The Sun, Your Liver and Your Skin

With the many warnings of skin cancer and the effects of the sun, many of us look at the sun as an enemy.  Yet you and I need sunshine, and many times we do not get enough good daily sunshine.  Exposure to the sun provides the body with Vitamin D, which is necessary...

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Digestion: Key to Energy & Health OR Disorder & Disease!

Are you one of the many millions of people suffering from digestive dysfunctions? There are many effective solutions found in nature, for both simple and intense situations, if you are open them!  We will address many of these below but first I'll let you know that...

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Ants, Bugs…Is There A Natural Solution?

I love it when I find something natural, safe, and super effective for some type of challenge I have! I don’t like ants and other insects but I also don’t like using harmful chemicals to get rid of them! Now I have a solution….and it is natural, safe, and super...

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