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Are You Happy With Your Healthcare?

In comparing the US to a few other countries with similar standards of education and affluence….do these statistics concern you like they do me? US mortality rate is dropping and is now lower than many countries….. Japan 83.7 France 82.8 Austria 81.6 Germany 81.2 US...

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Why Do I Have Another Cold Sore?

Last week, I came up with a new cookie recipe! I was so proud of myself because I haven’t been able to eat cookies in years due to my grain intolerance. So I came up with a yummy recipe that included coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut flour, pea protein, almond meal,...

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Your Body: Make it Your Asset not Liability!

What are Assets and Liabilities and what do they have to do with your financial, physical & emotional health? In your Financial Health, we have come to understand that: Assets are simply what you own, while liabilities are simply what you owe. An asset is...

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Symptoms or Root Causes…Bandages or Solutions?

When you have a health challenge…..what’s your typical action? 1) Treat the symptom and apply a bandage to cover it up? 2) Look for the root cause and find a long-term solution? If you want long-term wellness, you must address the root cause not just the symptom. So...

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It’s Amazing What Children Can Do!

Well there’s Mother’s Day, and there’s Father’s Day, does anyone celebrate Children’s Day or celebrate children in general? Today’s children become tomorrow’s how we teach and train our children or grandchildren really does have a great impact on society!...

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