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Pumpkin Drops

Wouldn’t you agree that we should enjoy pumpkin at any time of the year not just fall? Here’s a simple pumpkin goodie that always gets raves…. supports good immunity, you’ll want to keep these in the freezer for that quick protein pick-me-up!

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Pumpkin-Chicken Alfredo

Super 15 minute meal!

If you like pasta and you want a tasty quick meal, this one is sure to please your taste buds. It has just the right touch of Italian essential oil flavors – all it needs is a big green salad to compliment!

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Essential Articles

Your Heart – Your Life Force! What Are YOU Doing to Strengthen it Daily?

It’s sad that even though your HEART is your LIFE FORCE, very few take thought to strengthen their heart on a daily basis! In fact, most people completely ignore their heart and the possible results in many of their lifestyle choices which all DO INFLUENCE a healthy heart… YET people are really distraught when their heart gives out, and they wonder why!!

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The Year I LOST Weight During the Holidays

I won’t forget this year... 2010... I had just been introduced to doTERRA’s line of essential oils. I had used essential oils on occasion prior to that. They were ok, some worked, some didn’t. When I saw women carry them with them everywhere they went, I thought they...

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Are You Happy With Your Healthcare?

In comparing the US to a few other countries with similar standards of education and affluence….do these statistics concern you like they do me? US mortality rate is dropping and is now lower than many countries….. Japan 83.7 France 82.8 Austria 81.6 Germany 81.2 US...

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Why Do I Have Another Cold Sore?

Last week, I came up with a new cookie recipe! I was so proud of myself because I haven’t been able to eat cookies in years due to my grain intolerance. So I came up with a yummy recipe that included coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut flour, pea protein, almond meal,...

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