Hand Sanitizers are anything but safe! See some testimonials below:

“The Food and Drug Administration is currently looking into the safety of triclosan, a chemical found in some hand sanitizers, as well as in antibacterial soaps and body washes… triclosan disrupts the body’s endocrine system and helps to create bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.” 


“Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has its own potential hazards. Accidental poisoning can occur; keep the bottle away from the reach of unsupervised children. When signs indicate that a child may have ingested hand sanitizer, watch for sleepiness and upset stomach–signs of alcohol poisoning–and call a poison control center for advice. A Sept. 8, 2009 article in the Houston Chronicle reports many incidents but no deaths. The high alcohol content also makes this type of sanitizer very flammable–keep it away from open flames and other fire hazard environments. Hand sanitizer can also cause skin dryness, leading to broken skin, which exposes the body to the same contagions users are trying to prevent.”  


“There is no argument that alcohol-based sanitizers are effective, but there is an argument on hand sanitizer dangers and whether or not they’re safe. Review and analysis of ethanol and alcohol-based sanitizers could lead to an amendment of the manufacturers ‘cookbook’ the FDA releases.  It will bring to light the hazards of flammability, ingestion, and abuse of such products.  Study results and a review of current events, could possibly lead to an increase in the awareness of the benefits associated with using alcohol-free hand purifiers, or the ban of hand sanitizers all together.”


The exciting thing is that you can make a super effective hand sanitizer with “3 drops” of essential oil that is safe, effective, and super-inexpensive!  Just take a look.

Onguard is a “Protective” essential oil blend which includes:

  • clove: off the charts when is comes to antioxidant levels
  • cinnamon: super effective in dispelling pathogens
  • wild orange: excellent antioxidant, cleansing, alkalizing, and balancing
  • eucalyptus: offers excellent respiratory support
  • rosemary: offers immunity and brain support

This protective blend is safe enough to ingest daily, apply on your feet, inhale to build immunity and protect yourself from unwanted pathogens.

Here is simple recipe…easy to create and carry in your handbag or car for easy access. It’s awesome!

Hand Sanitizing Spritzer

1 oz glass spritzer bottle
3 drops doTERRA OnGuard essential oil blend
purified water to fill to the neck of bottle

This is a super effective solution for just pennies! Keep this with you in your handbag or car because it’s super handy to…

  • spritz on your hands after pumping gas, or before and after eating
  • spritz in the air for unwanted pathogens/bacteria in the air
  • spritz in your mouth as an awesome breath freshener too – you’ll LOVE it!

Also, double/quadruple the amount and fill in a larger spritzer bottle then place in your bathrooms as a super-effective sanitizer for the sinks, shower, tub, toilet, floor, air….and your mouth! Start by ordering your Onguard oil and more right here: www.dropbydropwellness.com

There are MANY MORE super-simple solutions that replace many of the harmful, chemical-filled products available, so contact me so you can attend our online education class series!


Have a Healthy, Happy Day!

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