Are you one of the many millions of people suffering from digestive dysfunctions? There are many effective solutions found in nature, for both simple and intense situations, if you are open them! 

We will address many of these below but first I’ll let you know that one essential oil blend that goes everywhere I go is called Digestzen. This blend includes pure essential oils such as peppermint, ginger, fennel, anise, tarragon and more which are all valuable in assisting proper digestion.

1) Over Eating. Whether at home or out-to-eat there are times we overeat and that’s when I go for the Digestzen. Just 2-3 drops on the back of your tongue followed by water or 1-2 Digestzen soft gels provides amazing benefits within minutes. 

2) Eating tainted foods. At times we do encounter food poisoning, bad bacterias, and other foods that have gone bad. At these times again digestion is so effective along with added enzymes (Terrazyme), and probiotics (PB Assist) to correct the bad environment and increase expulsion.

3) Poor food combinations or lack of natural enzymes can also cause indigestion. Dropping 2-3 drops of Digestzen on the back of the tongue or taking 1-2 soft gels are very helpful.

4) Motion sickness. I’ve saved a lot of would-be upchucks for myself, my grandchildren, and others with this Digestzen blend! On a boat or on a winding road, just 1-2 drops Digestzen on the tongue, topically applied clockwise on the belly, or even inhaled from the palm of your hand works! Digestzen has been an absolute lifesaver….I won’t travel without it!

5) Tummy bugs are not fun, but I’ve learned that you can get through them in half or a quarter of the time with the Digestzen drops or softgels as they do assist and increase your digestive functions and the expulsion process!

6) Digestive disorders and diseases. Research shows that processed foods (lacking nutrients, fiber, and enzymes plus contain many chemical additives) are not only the cause of minor digestive dysfunctions but can, in fact, be the culprit to many autoimmune diseases. These foods deplete good intestinal flora, destroy enzymes, slow down digestion which can cause these very acidic foods to sit in your intestines for long periods of time. In the process, they can create perforations in the epithelial lining and allow undigested food into your bloodstream. When this occurs your body literally fights against itself and who is it fighting? You and your diet!

Solution: remove the processed foods from your diet, include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily intake, drink more water, and go on a good intestinal detox. Next replenish your gut with good nutritional supplements, enzymes, probiotics, and Digestzen which all work together to soothe and mend your gut lining. It’s a process but it can be done!

Nature is here to assist you in providing good health and energy so why not start here with the basic oils you need or get a whole new medicine cabinet replacement!

You will love the convenience, cost savings, and effectiveness of having essential oils at my fingertips!

Happy Digestion awaits you at

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