Who wants to have more energy….each day, each week, each month of this year? And who would like to have an increased amount of energy long-term – not just in the next month, but incredible amounts of energy for the long-haul?

You can if you really want it, but it will take a little bit of info, determination and making a few changes…..are you in?

It all starts with your metabolism which is based on….
-how your body burns calories and converts it to fuel
-the amount and quality of fat, fiber and nutrients supplied to lubricate, cleanse and nourish
-how active you are
-your levels of stress (emotionally, physically, mentally)


—>Fast foods / processed boxed meals high in sugar, saturated fats, artificial sweeteners, and low in water and fiber require little digestion, and actually slow down digestion, which causes those calories to turn immediately into adipose or fat tissue. These foods also cause your insulin levels to skyrocket, creating an imbalance of blood sugar and keep you in fat storing mode. It’s not worth it!

—>Foods high in nutrition and fiber help speed up your metabolic rate as a healthier digestion takes place. Wholesome foods that are high in nutrients take more processing power to extract all those vital nutrients the body needs to run at peak efficiency. The body is actually burning large amounts of calories just to digest these foods, particularly if they are high in fiber. Oftentimes some foods may even have negative calories, meaning it actually takes more caloric energy to digest them than they themselves provide. Many fruits and vegetables – especially celery, leafy greens, broccoli and more – fall into this category because of their high fiber content. Improving digestion this way also strengthens the liver, kidneys and lungs, all of which facilitate a healthier metabolism.


REAL ENERGY comes from a clean, efficiently running system! Your air conditioning man will tell you that about your air conditioning unit and filters…..your mechanic will tell you that about your car….. and it’s the same for your body. Feed it clean, keep it clean, follow good rules for maintenance, and your body will run better, faster, longer.


1) Choose whole, unadulterated foods. What you eat definitely influences your metabolism and mood, making you either sluggish or energetic. You choose one or the other with your food choices! IT’S YOUR FUEL! Choose healthy, clean fats and proteins, and ALWAYS include an abundance of living vegetables, greens/ natural enzymes in ALL eating intervals. These GIVE LIFE, not suck life as refined foods do!

2) Drink to cleanse. Drink plenty of water, adding a drop of lemon (or other citrus) essential oil to each glass to increase cleansing and stimulate metabolic function.

3) Fill in the holes with daily nutritional supplements that are a) free of synthetics, b) tested to be in balanced proportions, and c) in a digestible form to take it to the cells. If your supplements don’t do all of these, they are a waste of money!

4) Get active – every day! Plan brisk walks, home or gym workouts, and physical activities – hiking, biking, swimming, tennis, whatever it may be. Just get more active!

5) Practice intermittent fasting on a weekly basis….. just forget to eat 1-2 meals one day and drink water and fresh juices to your hearts delight. Don’t let this make you grumpy – just look forward to feeling lighter and more energetic as you dump and detox unneeded waste that’s creating possible roadblocks.

6) Support your body cellularly. If you have emotional weaknesses, diffuse essential oils and apply them to your wrists. If you have joint weaknesses, apply essential oils topically to regenerate and offer support. If you have digestive weaknesses, take essential oils internally to promote a healthier digestion. These tools can be one of your most important assets if they are pure, top therapeutic quality…. I only go for the best because I want top results! You should too!


Stimulating your metabolism naturally and effectively in these six ways are key for helping you have more energy, accomplish more in your day, sleep better at night, and eliminate many disorders that await you if you don’t. It’s really up to you – you can do it!

What’s your weakest area?
Where do you need to start right away?
What do you need to start right away? A shopping list, a plan, a partner, some oils?

Write it down and let me help.
Wishing for more energy won’t make it happen – taking action will!

Let’s do it!

Erleen Tilton

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