Essential Body Makeover

Welcome! Are you ready for an Essential Body Makeover?

The Essential Body Makeover is a system of regenerating your body so it will work to it’s optimal performance. Many don’t think it’s possible but I assure you it is if you are wiling to take the necessary steps required. But don’t worry…’re not going to be required to go on a starvation diet or run 10 miles a day….nothing like that, in fact, I think you will realize this is so simple and you feel so amazing, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this long ago!

One key component of this program is understanding the difference between Essential Fuel and Artificial Fuel. Most people today are trying to survive on Artificial Fuel and it’s not working quite so well. As you understand this concept, your Essential Body Makeover will be much more simple!

If you read my story in Meet Erleen or The 7 Secrets of Healthy Happy People, I revealed the recipe for my success in my own body makeover which happened many years ago. It’s a system that holds true for anyone that tries it because nature supports your body’s needs and desire to run optimally. This is a system of:

  • Nourishing with whole foods
  • Cleansing to remove toxicity
  • Building with balanced supplements
  • Supporting your body with nature

As a Wellness Coach, I guide you through the process so you can find total success – and you will! You have the power to bring wholeness and wellness to your body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and you will achieve this through the process.

The initial 1-hour Health Analysis and Consultation is $125, which you can get for FREE just by opting into the ‘Get FREE Access’ box on home page. This Health Analysis will:

  • help you identify root causes to challenges you may be experiencing
  • provide information that will give you a roadmap to reach your goals
  • find key tools that are affective and most beneficial to support, strengthen and bring order to your body

From there, if you’d like to continue with bi-weekly mentoring (which I strongly recommend for real success), here’s how I can help you succeed!


$175 per month (2 sessions per month, $125 off for initial consult) = $450
With a new doTERRA wholesale membership, you can trade part for products and receive a $300 discount. This is a sweet deal!!

Step #1: Complete the form for the Health Analysis
|at the ‘Get FREE Access’ box on the home page|

Step #2: I will contact you at the appointed time you suggest

Step #3: You can decide after we complete the analysis if you’d like to follow through with the 90-Day MENTOR PROGRAM and the suggested tools for your success! There’s no obligation – my job is to help you succeed and if you allow me to help you, you will succeed!

So let’s get you started on your Essential Body Makeover right now!

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