Over the years of supporting many thousands of individuals like you, I have found that GOAL SETTING is this elusive concept that most often leads to less than desirable outcomes because we do not take our own goals serious enough.

In addition, many people set goals for their personal life that do not necessarily work in their professional life and the outcome is a contradiction.

So if you are one who desires the ULTIMATE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – more energy, better weight control, less dysfunction – take a look at what can help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Are you in?

This is a three-step process to help you manifest your goals… perfect for March!

Step 1 – Take Your Health Seriously

Ask yourself… What are you capable of achieving this month? Whatever that is, write it down. You must believe you are capable of achieving this more than anyone else in the world… BUT you must also have a starting point. And without that starting point, you will falter.

Here’s a super simple place to start – and because it’s your lucky month, you get it for free: https://essentiallife.me/wellness-assessment

Step 2 – Breakdown Your Goal(s) Into Bite-Size Pieces

Let’s pretend that your goal is to permanently lose 8 pounds in March by implementing new lifestyle choices that you will feel good about for life. Integrating new concepts is sometimes difficult, but if have a good starting point, you go into this knowing you will love the outcome and take it step-by-step, it will most likely happen.

Let’s create some small actions steps that will produce big results, for example:

  • Create time blocks for your week, your day (time to eat, exercise, family, work), then know and follow your daily plan of action.
  • Start each morning with a large glass of water with 2 drops of lemon essential oil, and 2 enzyme capsules (Terrazyme), to jumpstart your metabolism.
  • Include more raw fruits and vegetables at every eating interval, especially more raw vegetables, and leafy greens.
  • Try new whole and clean foods (forget the packaged, prepared foods) – try a new dish that’s whole and clean (see https://essentiallife.me/blog)
  • Get a workout partner – find a friend to keep you accountable.
  • Go on a DETOX to ‘Nourish & Cleanse’ your body
  • Etc.

Look forward to feeling energized and lighter each new day. Count each small accomplishment as a BIG WIN!

Step 3 – Stop Negotiating with Yourself

The only reason you may NOT hit your March goal(s) will be if you allow yourself to negotiate with YOURSELF.

  • You wake up late and don’t exercise, so you decide that your sleep was more important.
  • You fall back in your old eating patterns saying it’s ok on occasion.
  • You allow other conflicts to dominate your time, not within your time blocks.
  • Etc.

People who hit their goals CONSISTENTLY do not negotiate with themselves and instead, they make their goals NON-negotiable!

So my final question and challenge for you is the following…


I am here to support you, guide you, and to help you CREATE the LIFE that you truly desire.

This is your lucky month, so start right here with the Wellness Assessment…for free!

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Let’s make MARCH the game-changer for your health!

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