Learning about Glucagon several years back opened up so much understanding to what creates wellness and happy, natural weight balance! Once you understand this “secret” it just might change your world, health, and weight, and here’s why.

Insulin & Glucagon

Insulin and glucagon are both hormones produced in the pancreas that regulate levels of blood sugar (glucose) in your body. Your body produces glucose from the foods you eat, which is what fuels you. Insulin and glucagon are hormone partners working to keep your blood sugar levels in check, being the yin and yang of blood glucose maintenance. They are equally important in managing important bodily functions.


Insulin is secreted by the beta cells in your pancreas when your blood sugar levels are high. It is designed to store any excess energy as fat. Eating a meal that is rich in refined carbohydrates that are high glycemic can cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket, and your body to store more fat.  However, the greater concern than storing excess fat is that in eating an overabundance of these types of carbs, your pancreas goes into overtime producing insulin, and because of this, insulin can take too much glucose out of your blood.

The result leaves you now in a state of low blood sugar…and you begin craving more carbs!! This cycle from high blood sugar to low blood sugar in a short period of time is a typical response with a diet of high-carb abundance, which not only keeps your blood sugar unstable, causes the formation of excess body fat, and is the culprit for most major dysfunction and disease.


Glucagon, on the other hand, is secreted by the alpha cells of your pancreas when blood sugar is low. This happens between meals, when exercising, but also with the right choice of foods. Fresh produce, balanced proteins, and complex carbohydrates will minimize insulin spikes, help keep your blood sugar in balance, increase glucagon, and promote fat burning naturally. Since glucagon causes the liver to release stored energy, with the choice of these foods, you ultimately feel more energetic and desire to be more active instead of sedentary.

Simply put, insulin and glucagon work in balance – as insulin increases, glucagon decreases, and visa-versa. Insulin promotes storing of energy while glucagon promotes the release of stored energy, both glucose and fatty acids. Keep in mind that the pancreas is producing only one or the other at a time.

See the chart below to understand what creates a happy, healthy weight as well as long lasting emotional and physical wellness!

Your Health, Your Choice

YOU have so much more control over which one is being produced more abundantly which is the real beauty all of this is – how you store fat or burn fat, and whether your body responds with order or disorder. This is ultimately based on YOUR CHOICES OF FOODS.

I get it though….it’s not always easy. That’s why I have written my book, The 7 Secrets of Healthy Happy People, to help you understand what creates a healthy, energetic life which actually includes several tasty food recipes that can increase your glucagon production, and are healthy for you too!

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