At every time of the year, there are all kinds of on-the-go activities constantly. Most of these activities require food preparations or picking up something quick to take along, however, are your on-the-go choices supporting good health and energy?

As you consider this, think about this quote by Michael Eades M.D. and Mary Dan Eades M.D., authors of Protein Power…

“The medical problems that confound us today will probably amaze scientists in the twenty-first century as they puzzle over why we medical pioneers of today were unable to reach out and grab the obvious, why we were so advanced in certain areas of medical treatment yet so abysmally deficient in others. Why, they may ask, could our surgeons perform open-heart surgery so skillfully as to make it a routine operation while at the same time our nutritional experts couldn’t determine the optimal diet for preventing most of the problems necessitating that procedure? Why spend so much time and effort developing complex surgical techniques and other wondrous medical procedures that prolong the life of the diseased body for a few months or, at best, a few years instead of focusing on nutritional changes capable of prolonging healthy life for decades? Why can’t we see the big picture?”

Nutrition is always important and many of us stumble when it comes to the on-the-go foods because though they are quick to grab, most are deplete in nutritional value.  But this is the time that we need optimum nutrition to satisfy our hunger and thirst.

Great Snacks to Grab and Go

Here are some great snack foods to grab on a moment’s notice:

• Apples, bananas, oranges, etc. always come prepackaged and, if on hand, can be quickly added to any lunch box or basket.

• Raw nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, and cashews are great snack nibblers. Remember that if they are raw, they go into the body as nourishment and are good for you, yet if they are roasted, they go into your body as an unhealthy fat…..go for the raw!

• Trail mixes consisting of raw nuts and dried fruits can come in a variety of combinations, always yummy to snack on, but be choosy: raw, not sugar coated. Here’s my favorite trail mix [recipe].

• Fruits roll-ups, dried fruit snacks and such (which should be just fruit) are also great to have.

• Popcorn can be popped for a great treat.  Hot air popped corn is best (avoid micro-waved corn for many reasons), just add melted butter or coconut oil and salt, or try [this]

• Rice cakes and whole-grain crackers with healthy veggie dips and spreads are a great snack to take along, try [this recipe].

• Don’t forget all the wonderful fresh cut veggies with dips, hummus, etc. Veggie platters with [hummus] is always a perfect party dish and often one of the first foods to be consumed. Everyone likes veggies and dips!

• Also apple sliced and celery with raw almond butter of sunflower butter is satisfying and tasty.

• Remember too that you can plan ahead for great snack drinks.  Pure water with a few drops of citrus essential oil, raw fruit juices, green drinks and chilled herbal teas are very satisfying in quenching the thirst, try [these].

There’s a lot out there that’s just poor food, but there are so many great foods that provide good nourishment. Choose wisely – you are influencing habits (good or poor) for your posterity for generations!

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