Are you feeling cool and energetic this summer? Heat and humidity are real at this time of year (if you live in the northern hemisphere). However, there are some super ways to keep yourself cooler and full of energy – take a look at the ideas below!


Here are 3 quick and simple ways to use essential oils to cool and energize you:

  1. add a drop or two to your water, smoothies, juices
  2. drop in the palm of your hand and inhale or diffuse
  3. add a drop or two (like peppermint) to a 1 or 2 oz spritzer bottle filled with water and spritz on face and skin as needed


Increase your water intake! Most people increase their liquids but liquids are NOT equal to water. Energy comes from having a clean system, and all those drinks other than water just pollute your cells, creating toxicity that slows you down long term. Instead, add flavor to your water, but most importantly increase your energy and your cleansing abilities by adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oils….you will LOVE the flavor and drink more water:

  • wild orange
  • lemon
  • grapefruit
  • lime

These are some of the most favorite essential oils to add to water!

But here’s my favorite combination in my 32oz glass water bottle: 1-2 drops each: bergamot (or lemon), ginger, and fennel, all of which are excellent for energy, cleansing, and digestion


Peppermint essential oil is cooling and soothing, so remember that next time you:

  • go hiking – take a 1oz spritzer bottle with water and 2 drops peppermint essential oil
  • get a headache – apply on temples or back of neck, feel the soothing within seconds
  • get a fever – apply on bottoms of feet, back of neck
  • make your favorite no-bake cookies, add a drop or a few drops – super yummy and refreshing (see recipe here!)
  • need more energy and uplifting emotions – drop a drop of peppermint in one hand, and a drop of wild orange in the other hand, rub hands together and inhale – so invigorating!

Why does quality matter so much when it comes to essential oils?

Many essential oils found on the market today are synthetic (even when they say pure), can contain harmful constituents, and can even be fake oils altogether.

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