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Essential Wellness Pyramid

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The Essential Body Makeover begins with a PROACTIVE ‘Lifestyle’ of habits and choices, and these ‘Lifestyle’ habits and choices include Eat Right, Exercise, Rest & Manage Stress, and Reduce Toxic Load. Let’s look at these one at a time.


A healthy diet is foundational – and being healthy all starts here! There’s no way around it really… this is foundational. So here are a few tips that will help you – they may change your life like they did mine!

1) Choose whole and eliminate foods that come from a can, box, package, fast-food stand! If you want to be ‘whole’, you need to think whole: whole fruits and vegetables, whole beans, whole grains, whole meats, whole nuts & seeds, etc.

2) Even if you eat well, studies show that few people get adequate nutrition from the daily food intake, so take balanced, synthetic-free, nutritional supplements on a daily basis. This one thing can be a turning point in uplifting your emotions, your energy, sleeping better, reducing pain levels, removing unwanted weight and more. YOUR BODY FUNCTIONS ACCORDING TO THE BALANCED FUEL you provide it, so don’t leave this out of your daily regime. From my experiences over the last 36 years, I’ve found doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality and Daily Nutrient Pack to be simply the best in providing cellular support and overall wellness benefits as mentioned.

3) Accelerate your wellness efforts with doTERRA’s essential oils. To LIVE the ‘Essential Life’ means taking and using essential oils in a PROACTIVE way on a daily basis to strengthen and support your body rather than wait until you have a health challenge to do something in a reactive way.

Essential oils that are labeled with a supplement fact box can be taken internally in one of several ways: a) drops in your water, b) drops under your tongue, c) drops in an empty veggie capsule, d) added to your food (smoothies, salsa, dressings, dips, marinades, baking, frozen desserts, etc.) Adding essential oils to your foods are a perfect way to supplement any nutritional program. Here are some of the internal benefits:

 *Cleanse organs
 *Improve digestion
 *Stimulate metabolism
 *Provide internal support
 *Increase antioxidants
 *Build immunity
 *Raise your energy
 *Support cellular functions
 *much more!


This should be a normal part of your daily routine as much as eating is. Just think about it…
* you consume calories as you eat to provide the nutrients your body needs and requires for fuel
* you must also burn calories as you strengthen your organs and muscles to be able to function at their optimum levels
If you’re not on a regular exercise program, then start today.
1) Decide how you will exercise: walking, jogging, gym, workout videos, swimming, biking, hiking, yoga, martial arts…you name it, just decide what fits you and make a plan!
2) Choose a workout partner – spouse, friend, daughter, etc. – and keep each other accountable.
3) Do it!


Stress is the culprit to many of our health challenges today. However, one of the biggest contributors to stress – which not even many health practitioners elude to – is the stress that is created by lack of nutrients for your body to function properly.

Without adequate nutrition, your body does not:

  • digest & metabolize your foods properly
  • sleep well
  • have enough energy
  • handle situations with the proper emotional support
  • release weight naturally
  • remove waste properly
  • and more!

Managing stress starts with nutrition, proper cleansing, and supporting your body’s emotional load. Giving your body adequate time to rest and regenerate is a vital part of wellness. Staying up late, too much time behind electronic devises, working longer than normal hours creates additional stress on your body. And depriving your body of rest at night, keeps your from having adequate energy in the day. It can be a vicious cycle.

So start by increasing your nutrition, cleanse your body, work less, get more rest and you will reduce and manage your stress levels better.

Again essential oils come to the rescue in proving exceptional additional help. Citrus oils, frankincense, Balance blend and more are just a few to start with.


We live in a chemical world which contributes to many dysfunctions in our bodies, so we must be proactive in reducing our toxic environment.

1) Choose whole foods (those without chemical additives, pesticides, preservatives).

2) Drink to CLEANSE not pollute. Sport drinks, soft drinks, etc. may be mostly water, but the small part that isn’t water usually creates toxicity, acidity and dehydration (additives, sugars, colors, etc.) instead of cleansing you like good pure water will. Instead, add pure lemon essential oil to your water to accelerate the cleansing process on a daily basis… your body will love it!

3) Go on a thorough detox-cleanse on a quarterly basis. Just like a car or air conditioning unit needs a regular filter change to extend it’s life… so does your body.

4) Avoid chemical cleaners, body care, skin care, supplements, etc. that are toxic (and most of them are). Be choosy about what you eat, drink, apply topically, and use as cleaners. doTERRA has a great line of these products that are superior and toxic-free!

These are core lifestyle habits and choices which will, for the most part, determine the state of your health. These lifestyle choices are easy to do, yet easy not to do, and will bring long-term wellness or challenges. Keep in mind that the little things MATTER!

Now there are those times when systems and areas of our body become challenged and need specific target support… so what’s your first line of defense?
First consider…


When you have a health concern, your first line of defense should be to choose something that will strengthen, support and regenerate your body on a cellular level….and this is the beauty of acquiring a few essential oils in your home. As you LEARN how to use essential oils and experiment with them to find those that work well for your body, having them at your fingertips can SAVE YOU so much time and money in corrective, and reactive healthcare.

Essential oils can be used in three specific ways:

  • aromatically for emotions, mood, behavior, respiratory and sinus discomfort
  • topically for soothing any type of skin, muscle, joint challenges
  • internally for supporting your organs, cells, digestion, cleansing, more

And because they are super simple to use, you feel empowered to be more in control of your health on a daily basis!


This should be your last resort for most health challenges unless, of course, it’s a threatening or acute situation. And when you do use medical care, be proactive – know what you are taking, what the short-term and long-term side effects are. If you are prescribed pharmaceuticals you should also REQUIRE your doctor to prescribe a program for becoming independent of this prescription in a specified time frame. Never consider taking pharmaceuticals long-term. Your body is looking for order which synthetic medicines cannot provide. Your long-term solutions are ALWAYS found in nature.

How do you think you are doing in each of these areas?

Have you considered the Essential Body Makeover?

Essential DIY Recipes

Here are just a few simple ideas for making a few helpful and effective items that are SOOOOO inexpensive!

Bug Off

Bug Off

2 oz glass spritzer bottle
6 drops doTERRA Terrashield essential oil blend
water to fill

Spritz on exposed areas of skin just before going out into buddy areas. It works!

Deodorant Spritzer

Deodorant Spritzer

1 oz. witch hazel
10 drops Lavender or Geranium essential oil
4 drops Thyme essential oil
6 drops Rosemary essential oil
1 oz. colodial silver (just to fill)

Combine witch hazel and essential oils in a 2 oz spritzer bottle.
Add colodial silver to neck of bottle.
Spritz on when you would other deodorant – lasts a long time!

OnGuard Spritzer

OnGuard Spritzer (not All-Purpose Sanitizing Spritzer)

8oz glass spritzer bottle
10 drops doTERRA OnGuard essential oil blend
water to fill

You can use this in these ways:
Car Spritzer: pour solution into a 1 or 2 oz spritzer. Keep in car to purify your hands, freshen breath, air purifier.
Bathroom Spritzer: To purify, spritz the air after toilet use, sanitize the toilet seat, counters and shower, disinfect areas on floor, and as a mouth spritz after brushing teeth.
Kitchen Spritzer: Spritz sink and counters and wipe. Spritz on fruits & veggies, wash off with water.

Skin Protection Oil

Skin Protection Oil

2oz fractionated coconut oil
20 drops doTERRA lavender essential oil
8 drops doTERRA helichrysum essential oil
2 drops doTERRA rose or sandalwood essential oil

Place in 2 oz. glass or amber oil container with drip cap or spritzer top. Apply before going out in the sun for periods longer than 15-20 minutes. Apply after being out in the sun. Or use lavender essential oil straight on or diluted for a sunburn.

Give these a try….they are so simple to make… you will love them all!

Essential Menu Planning

Start your day with LOADS of fresh raw foods: fruits, vegetables, greens, raw nuts, seeds, more! Your first meal will set the tone for your day’s energy, satiation, reduction of cravings, fat-burning, overall physical and emotional wellness! A green smoothie is an optimal choice! And if you need something additionally, then add some good quality protein…eggs, almonds…or a small bowl of quinoa!

Snacks, or in-between smaller meals, should ALWAYS include:
*raw fruits or vegetables
*small amount of protein (raw nuts, raw nut butters, hummus)
*any clean whole foods (totally whole grain crackers, no refinement or additives, etc.)
*dessert type items can be healthy if they include raw nuts, raw honey, dried fruits, etc.

Lunch & Dinner:
*50-75% raw greens and vegetables
*steamed or baked vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc.
*quality protein, examples: beans, hummus, raw nuts or seeds, fish, chicken
*whole grains, if desired
Omit much of the breads, pastas, casseroles, all packaged or processed foods and drink

Adding essential oils to foods brings many advantages:

  • cleanses organs
  • improves digestion
  • stimulates metabolism
  • supports internal organs and processes
  • increases antioxidants
  • builds immunity
  • raises your energy
  • adds yummy flavors to foods!

Never use essential oils which are not meant for internal use. doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are the only ones I recommend for these reasons:

  • grown and harvested in their own indigenous environments which constitutes higher therapeutic properties
  • grown without chemicals, pesticides, or other toxic substances
  • tested by 3rd party professionals – Dr. Robert Pappas – with seven different testing processes to insure 100% free of contaminants, beyond organic standard worldwide
  • found to hold the highest standard of purity, thus by far, considered safest foe for internal use

For recipe ideas, see the Favorite Essential Life Recipes ebook, available at ‘Get Free Access’ for free on the home page.

Essential Fuel Guide for the Healthy Leaner Body!

The following guide has been my foundation for success for decades now… and it will work for you too… you will see!

It may take some major adjustments in your home and pantry (like it did for me) but the outcome is well worth it for…

*raising your energy
*helping you sleep better
*better emotional stability
*excellent weight balance (without having to worry about gaining weight)
*optimal wellness, less dysfunction!

You will see!! Take a look!

1) Eliminate all refined flour, and even 90% of even whole grain flours. Why? Refined starches are polluting and clogging; they cause decay in the mouth. Eat whole grains instead but don’t fill up on them – keep them to once or twice daily. Other starches, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, eat only on occasion as well. Most diets are full of too many carbs – most of which are refined.

2) Eliminate all refined sugars and additives: table sugar, high fructose, corn syrup, dextrose, whey powder, preservatives, MSG, food colorings, food flavorings. They are cheaply made and addicting, and why they’re in everything. They react internally as chemicals or drugs, void of nutrition, separated from their mother food. Eat honey, pure maple syrup, and stevia minimally, but optimally, eat fresh fruits instead of sweetened foods.

3) Eliminate all refined oils in all foods – trans fats especially, but also the omega-6 oils: soy, canola, corn, etc. Use cold pressed oils as a condiment, such as olive, flax, coconut, and fish oils, adding them to salads or to other foods after cooked as much as possible. Avoid adding unnecessary fats, instead eat good fats: avocados, raw nuts and seeds.

4) Eliminate all dairy – the unhealthy growing and processing produces unhealthy dairy products that have been termed ‘not fit for human consumption’! Better sources of calcium and protein are found in raw and powdered greens, raw nuts and seeds, and legumes (beans). Use almond, coconut, or rice milk for cereals or cooking; use nut spreads and hummus in place of cheese and mayonnaise.

5) Eat at least one, but preferably two raw fruits daily such as apples, pears, or handful of berries. Eat them alone or with raw nuts first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon. Fruits are cleansing and full of good nourishment.

6) Eat an abundance of vegetables – up to 70% – this should be the bulk of your diet: mostly raw, and some lightly steamed. This creates a more alkaline dominant diet, plus vegetables are low in calories, high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber. Eat fresh vegetables at every meal and eating interval if possible, and fill up on them first. Choose organic produce and other foods whenever possible to avoid chemicals, pesticides, and increase nutrient content.

7) Eat a small portion of protein at each meal: raw nuts or seeds, beans, sprouts, free-range chicken or turkey, or wild-caught filleted fish. Omit most other flesh proteins or keep them to a minimum. Caution: don’t just give up unhealthy meat and milk products, then fill up on carbs. You need good protein: well-cooked legumes are low cal, high fiber, high in nutrients – also raw nuts and seeds, sprouts, omega-3 eggs, wild-caught fish are healthier sources. Any other meats are best grass-fed or organically grown, and eaten minimally. Avoid main stream market meats and processed soy alternatives.

8) Drink only water and a minimum of 1/2 to 3/4 of your body’s weight in ounces daily (150 lb person = 75 – 110oz daily or 3-4 quarts). Cleansing with water is an important part of weight loss as well as good health. To accelerate your energy and cleansing ability, add essential oils to your water (lemon, grapefruit, wild orange, bergamot).

9) Start the day right by loading up on fresh foods such as a green smoothie. Keep your energy and blood sugar balanced by eating less at more eating intervals (3 medium meals plus 2 nourishing snacks). End the evening right by allowing your system to rest as you sleep by avoiding foods after your 6:30 pm meal. However, drink as much water as needed.

10) Eat for your body and not for your taste buds, with thanksgiving, and a conscious awareness of taste, fullness, and the benefits of good wholesome foods.

11) Schedule your daily exercise as you do your meals and make it a priority. Workout, walk briskly, jog or bike for a minimum of 30-60 minutes daily. To lower your fat thermostat permanently, maintain muscle tone, and strengthen organs, exercise is not an option. Working out with weights 3-4 times weekly will increase fat burning.

12) To have permanent success, make permanent changes in your lifestyle. Temporary changes don’t create the results you seek – be consistent! If these are true healthy, leaner principles, they will benefit you only as long as you follow them!

As you live these principles (at least most of the time) you become an expert and example for the masses! Your life, health, weight, emotions will change – and people will want to know what you are doing differently.

Are you ready to LEAD and Empower others to live the Essential Life?


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