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My Story

At age 21, I was experiencing many health challenges and was recommended a naturopathic doctor for neck and back challenges. In my visits, he became aware of my many challenges and recommended some testing. The results included: hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), colitis, anemia, valley fever, vitamin deficiency, high in toxic drugs and metals and more. In addition, I was experiencing many other issues which he was totally unaware of: more than a dozen breast lumps, depression, pollen allergies, migraines, and arthritis in my knees. To say the least, I was a physical and emotional wreck and I felt like I was continuously in a deep dark pit feeling there was no way out!

His recommendation was a 4-part system:

  1. whole foods diet (no processed foods, no milk products, no breads, instead lots of fresh fruits & veggies, raw nuts and seeds, healthy fats, some lean meats)
  2. specified cleansing program
  3. intense supplementation of the highest quality products
  4. target support with herbal/plant extracts

To be honest, it wasn’t easy to make these changes, but since he was monitoring my progress, I was very diligent in being strict to his outline. A few days went by… I was hungry, I was tired of only eating all these fresh raw, wholesome foods… and I remember asking him on the phone, “How long do I have to stay on this diet?” I still remember the long pause at the other end, then his response, “Forever if you want to be healthy!” Well that was far from what I wanted to hear, but it stuck with me – I needed to hear that. He helped me understand that if I followed the laws of nature and stuck with the program I could get well….and if I didn’t, I would continue to experience these dysfunctions. I wanted to get well!

Within two months, I began to feel an incredibly new energy, more positive about life, and much happier. Things were changing in my body and I felt great! At 5-6 months, I realized that ALL of the issues that I had been experiencing were completely gone…no more breast lumps, migraines, pollen allergies, low blood sugar responses, depression, arthritis – no more – I was full of energy and vitality! I was a changed person! I had begun to understand the power of nature, and the power of choice in what I was putting in and on my body!

Most people today embrace this world of convenience and chemicals not understanding that this comes with a heavy price: unexplained emotional and physical dysfunctions! When I saw the transformation in my own health simply by understanding and applying the principles of a wellness lifestyle, I realized that this is such a key for our struggling, sick world who know not where to find the answers. In nature, we find these simple success secrets – living the Essential Life – embracing the gifts we find in nature!

My Journey

During my years of raising my children and being a stay-at-home mom, I spent a great deal of time learning. Education has always been an important focus for me, so while I homeschooled my children for many of these years, I took many educational courses myself on nutrition, cooking, herbs, plant identification, the body systems, iridology, reflexology, and more! I love learning and through the process became a:

  • Holistic Nutrition Specialist
  • Health Coach
  • Certified Aromatherapist

In 2007, things were going well at the Tilton home. My husband, Bill had been an electrical contractor for many years and was always a good provider. That following year the market began to fall and we were hit hard….not much income coming in for the next 3+ years. We had two homes (one in the mountains), but we decided to sell the one we lived in full-time and move to our mountain home. Long story short after arriving there, we were notified that the sale on our other home failed, so within a few short months, we found both homes in foreclosure! We were devastated – but that’s not all.

A family situation forced us back to the valley – we had no place to live so we moved in with our married daughter for a few months (there was still four of us), then into my mother’s basement, then into another married daughters home.

The Secret Sauce

During the latter part of 2010, I was introduced to doTERRA’s CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils. I had used essential oils beforehand on occasion, but these were extremely different. Their purity and effectiveness surpassed all other forms of supplements I had ever used over the 30 years prior to this! So as I began to use them more while teaching a course in herbal remedies to a group, I decided to also teach the benefits and uses of essential oils. Participants were interested, they wanted to learn more, but more than that, they were getting phenomenal results! They loved the oils because they were finding optimal results like I had never seen before in over 25 years!

The statement that made me commit more firmly to sharing essential oils came from the National Mental Health Association, “The truth is that preschool-aged children are the fastest growing age group being prescribed anti-depressants.” Think about it… if our preschool age children are on antidepressants, what will their lives look like during their teen years, and better yet as adults?

I knew that there are many people around me that need direction and help in a natural way. I knew that pure, therapeutic essential oils were providing valuable solutions, and tools found in nature are a better choice for long-term support to our bodies. I could see that not only did I have the ability to teach others about the benefits and uses of essential oils, there was a financial opportunity in doing this – and we were in desperate need of financial help!

I decided to put this business into full-action and 7 months later, I was making about $4500 monthly. My husband, Bill, started to pay attention. At 13 months, I received my first monthly paycheck of $10,000+! Whoa – we had never had that kind of monthly paycheck before and it was quite a switch after several years of financial devastation!

I can’t guarantee this for anyone else, but I can tell you this:

  • people are struggling physically, emotionally, and financially
  • more and more people are seeking options and solutions that are from nature
  • people are ready for pure essential oils because they find results like no other

Empowered Not Employed

This may not be for you and that’s totally ok, but I want you to ask yourself this…

Am I fulfilled with how I spend my time each day?
Am I living a purpose-filled life?
Am I happy with who I am and what I do?

If you answered yes to all of these… congratulations! Most people will answer NO to all or most of these, knowing they spend the bulk of their time each day…

  • employed, doing something that they don’t enjoy
  • filling the time of day without purpose or passion
  • building the dreams of others instead of their own

Is it time to live a purpose-driven life?

It is possible for each person to enjoy optimal health by looking to nature as the fundamental support and means to our body’s wellness. For this reason, I have devoted the past 30 years to become an expert in health and wellness. I have become a leader in my field and have been able to achieve great financial success.

Decide this journey is for you and see where it will take you…

-LEARN the secrets of wellness
-LIVE a healthier, happier life
-LEAD others to nature’s solutions! Let the magic happen, and enjoy serving in humanitarian efforts worldwide because you are financially free and have the ability to give!

I’ve walked this path with a mentor by my side, I’ve walked with many others as a guide to their successes – and I’m here to walk with you on your journey to success as well!

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