I have found that even though people love eating green salads, most women hate making them so they end up avoiding them…..and that’s a shame! Here are some hints to make salads more simple, and more delicious!

1) When returning home from grocery shopping, remove all produce from plastic bags, wash all your greens and put them in a paper towel-lined glass container. When salad time comes, you can tear or chop your greens in only a couple of minutes when they are already washed.


2) Make a large enough salad to last 3-4 days using dry ingredients only:  lettuce (torn won’t darken as fast), carrots, celery, snap peas, mushrooms, red peppers, etc. Serve as a side for each meal, or just add protein and dressing for a complete meal. (see guide below)



  • spring mix or washed & torn Romaine lettuce
  • diced red or green peppers
  • sliced carrots
  • diced celery
  • snap peas
  • other vegetables that are on the dry side

Combine all prepared foods in large salad bowl; cover, refrigerate and retrieve when ready to eat. It should last 3-4 days.

Protein/fat variations to add just before serving, if desired:

  •      cooked chicken, chopped
  •      cooked fish, shredded
  •      beans, drained
  •      sliced almonds, chopped nuts, sunflower/pumpkin seeds
  •      avocado, diced

Quick dressing for a 4-6 serving salad:

  •      2 Tbs olive oil
  •      2 Tbs apple cider vinegar
  •      pinch salt
  •      2-3 drops Lemon or Lime essential oil
  •      1 drop Black Pepper or Coriander essential oil

Simple, Super Delicious – and what’s the secret sauce here?

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Enjoy the healthy life!


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