The Purpose-Driven Life

Ask your self… “Am I fulfilled with how I spend my time each day? Am I living a purposed-filled life? Am I happy with who I am and what I do?”

If you answered yes to all of these… congratulations! Most people will answer NO to all of these, knowing they spend the bulk of their time each day

  • being employed, doing something that they don’t enjoy
  • filling the time of day with what’s happening without purpose or passion
  • building the dreams of others instead of their own.

Is it time for a change for you?

Empowered Not Employed

It is possible for each of us to enjoy optimal health if we look to nature as the fundamental support and means to our body’s wellness. For this reason I have devoted the past 30 years to becoming an expert in health and wellness. I have become a leader in my field and have been able to achieve great financial success. My mission is to help you and others learn the secrets of wellness, live a healthier life, and become financially free so you too can lead many others to finding solutions for wellness through nature – but my mission goes beyond that!

Through doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing model and Healing Hands Foundation, my husband and I have had the opportunity to take part in humanitarian efforts in many parts of the world: Cancun, Aruba, Bolivia, Jamaica, and Guatemala so far and we plan to visit many more impoverished communities that can use our help.

I am here to help you get to that $10,000 (and way beyond) monthly paycheck too because I believe you can do a greater service to mankind when you become debt free and serve the world in humanitarian ways. Probably you, as many others, truly desire to give of your time and resources but simply can’t because you are financially unable to meet your own obligations, much less help others with their struggles.

I am offering you an amazing opportunity to:

  1. personally be more in control of your health with tools from nature
  2. help and empower others to become more in control of their health
  3. supplement your income with ongoing residual earnings
  4. work to pay off your debts and become debt free
  5. become free to give and serve the world in humanitarian ways
  6. reach your goals, whatever they may be!

So are you ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of many around the globe? Make the decision to take action and get started now!

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