What are Essential Oils?

Why is everyone raving about essential oils? 

You may be wondering this like many others, but here’s a simple, honest answer……

Essential oils have the ability to accelerate the body’s natural processes and functions simply because they are made up of very small molecules that can penetrate the cellular wall easily!

But here are several detailed facts!

Essential Oils….

* are plant extracts, 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.

* are safe, affordable, and a super effective in supporting the body in it’s natural healing processes.

* have therapeutic benefits can be strong and powerful. For example, one drop of Peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea! Peppermint essential oil supports digestive functions, head tension, and is invigorating to your mind and body!

* are aromatic compounds found in nature in many plants: leaves, flowers, roots, bark, berries, seeds, branches, etc.

* can penetrate the cellular wall because of their lipophilic properties, thus provide support by addressing root concerns.

Basically you can use essential oils in 3 ways:
Aromatically – respiratory, mood, emotions
Topically – skin, joints, circulation
Internally – cleansing, digestion, nutritive

For hot oils, use a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.
Application is typically 1-2 drops and a little more often is better than a lot at once!                                      

Here are a few examples:

Melaleuca (or Tea Tree) essential oil has long been recognized for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. It promotes healthy immune function, and protects against environmental and seasonal threats. For almost any skin issue, abrasion or blemish – I love using melaleuca for its soothing topical effects!

Choosing quality does matter when it comes to effectiveness and results.
I have found doTERRA’s essential oils are:
* more effective
* safer
* work faster
* guaranteed purer through their CPTG standard
* 100% free of contaminants
* sourced worldwide in indigenous environments for top therapeutic constituents
* powerful, yet gentle, and most often less is needed in comparison to other brands (where you may need 5-10 times as much to get the same results)

Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils which is sourced from France. Its potency far surpasses other brands of oils available simply because it is gathered from the flowers (not the full plant) due to their correct therapeutic constituents. Lavender is calming. It’s the absolute best solution for soothing a burn, skin abrasions, and providing a restful night’s sleep. Just apply topically on the area of concern or on your feet to assist sleep.

doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standard insures top quality because:
* native origins around the world produce the highest therapeutic constituents due to the right soil conditions and climate.
* working with the growers from the ground up eliminates the middle man and insures long-term quality control.
* CPTG standard produces top quality in purity and high therapeutic value that supersedes US “organic” standards (a standard that is not recognized in other countries where oils are sourced).
* 3rd party testing takes place on every batch of essential oil produced for doTERRA, then doTERRA continues with a second validation once received into their warehouse, and a third validation of random selected bottles (including seven different testing processes).

Frankincense, the king of essential oils, comes from the countries of Oman and Somalia where the purest, most therapeutic sources are found! Frankincense is excellent for any skin condition, enhancing your emotions and mood, respiratory support, enhancing longevity, and for overall wellness.

Not too many companies recommend their line of oils for internal use – and not all essential oils should be taken internally. Some clearly are most effective when applied topically or aromatically. However, if a company suggests that no essential oils are safe for internal use, they clearly:
* do not produce pure essential oils that is safe for ingesting
* have not done the research that validates the effectiveness for internal use
* do not understand that essential oils, once applied, go internally anyway (when inhaled or applied topically)

So if, for example, a bottle of any citrus essential oil is labeled unsafe for internal use (and citrus is definitely safe to eat), do you think it would be safe for external use then? Always look for a supplement fact label to insure safe internal use.

Lemon essential oil provides excellent cleansing properties and is a fantastic oil to add drops to a glass of water (not plastic) throughout the day. Doing this provides many excellent benefits: respiratory support, digestive support, alkalizing, and mood enhancing (most citrus oils – orange, lime, grapefruit, etc. – provide similar benefits). Lemon is also a great disinfectant for counters and air fresheners by adding a few drops to a squirt bottle of water. And for carpet spots….nothing works better! Just drop the lemon oil on spots, wait 3-5 minutes, and scrub mildly with a warm wet cloth. Super cheap too!

Because we live in a chemical/synthetic saturated world, it’s often hard to find products that are safe for your body, family, and environment. Essential oils provide an effective and safer alternative for:
* boosting everyday wellness (rather than waiting until you are sick)
* target support when needed
* home cleaning products and body care

OnGuard essential oil blend, which includes clove, cinnamon, wild orange, eucalyptus and rosemary, is an excellent support in safeguarding you against seasonal threats. With the ability to penetrate the cellular wall, OnGuard can boost your immunity and dispel negative pathogens that might be potential threats. Additionally, the OnGuard line of products are a perfect solution for cleaning your teeth, hands, home, and laundry without toxic chemicals. doTERRA provides many exceptionally & effective products as you will see.

You might ask, is there an oil for everything? It’s really amazing that with a wide variety of essential oils there are so many oils that can be effective solutions for supporting your body both physically and emotionally, as well as your environment.

Essential oils are empowering individuals and families to be more in control of their health simply because they are:
* effective in their therapeutic abilities.
* convenient at your fingertips for use anytime and anywhere.
* tools you can share with those in need all around you.
* provide such positive options that many are seeking.

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