An Oil for Everything?

When I began using essential oils regularly, I was often told there was an oil for everything…..everything? As I began testing that out, I was blown away at the many different challenges people were facing and had experienced amazing results. Was there really an oil for everything?

Within two years of using essential oils I began experiencing pain in my right shoulder. It was especially intense during the night. I began trying many oils that were recommended for pain……Deep Blue blend (it works for all pain), lemongrass, peppermint, marjoram, Past Tense blend, Aroma Touch blend, and more only to find that my shoulder pain was intensifying! Nothing was helping!

Trial and Error

After two months, I went to my chiropractor, but as he worked on me, I yelled out in pain which put me in tears. He finally sent me to get two MRIs. The results showed nothing. I decided massages were a better choice and this helped me tremendously, but the pain during the night didn’t go away. I began researching more on the oils I should use, I tried everything recommended, but there was still no real improvement.

I began seeing a “soft touch” chiropractor (no popping) for months….even though this helped me function better, I was still suffering from pain. I could not lift anything (including my grandchildren which broke my heart) and my arm became more and more immobile.  After several months at the second chiropractor, I finally told him that he was helping me function, but I was not getting better and I had to find out the problem and soon! I was tired of this!

He suggested a physical therapist. At my first appointment, he asked what my daily postural positions were. The culprit to my problem? Sitting at a laptop for hours during the day, shoulders hunched forward, head down. Physical therapy helped me get my muscles working again, but the intense pain was still there, especially during the night.

Introduced to White Fir

Ten months into this, I went to California to teach an oils class. One of the attendees was looking through an oils reference book and began reading about White Fir. It’s suggested use was for frozen shoulder, bursitis, cartilage inflammation, muscle pain, sprains, etc.  I was excited – I wasn’t sure what my real label was, but I hadn’t tried White Fir yet! Once I got home I began applying it 2-3 times a day and within 4-5 days I had a major improvement! As I kept applying White Fir regularly, In a short few weeks I was able to get the full use of my arm back.

I am so grateful for White Fir!

Additionally, two years later I began experiencing Baker’s Cysts – a pocket of fluid that develops behind the knee due to the over production of synovial fluid. I went in and had both knees aspirated twice but decided that again, I wasn’t going to continually go down that road. There had to be a solution.

Again, the reference books spoke to White Fir as a possible solution I could try. It worked phenomenally! However, once I added Sandalwood the benefits were even greater. I’ve continued to apply those two oils night and morning and I have had great success. The Baker’s Cysts have not returned and when I overwork my knees and I experience any pain, applying both of these oils does the trick! One without the other doesn’t work like they do together.

The Moral of This Story…

The lesson I learned was…if you don’t succeed with one oil, keep trying another – THERE IS AN OIL FOR EVERYTHING!

I’ve continued to test that over and over again and have found that if you have patience to keep trying, you WILL find a solution. That’s what a doctor would do, keep trying until something works! It took me over 10 months to find a solution, but I did, and you can find an oils solution for most any challenge you face.

Your first step is to experience essential oils – I’ll help you through the process. You have my word!

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Now you can experience wellness on a whole new level! And give White Fir a try too!

Erleen Tilton

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