Last week, I came up with a new cookie recipe! I was so proud of myself because I haven’t been able to eat cookies in years due to my grain intolerance. So I came up with a yummy recipe that included coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut flour, pea protein, almond meal, carob chips, pecans, and of course leavening and flavorings. They were so yummy and I didn’t get that usual upset stomach…I was so happy! And to make sure I could enjoy them, I downed a bottle of my favorite Kevita vinegar-tonic. I felt great! However, the following morning, I broke out with a huge mass of cold sores – what happened?

In the past few years, I’ve had cold sores that occasionally surfaced. It was frustrating even when I thought I knew why. But with a little more research it’s begun to make sense why this happened and why they keep reoccurring.

These small blisters that usually develop in clusters on and around the lips are caused by the herpes simplex virus, which is dormant in nerve tissues once contracted, then becomes activated. What causes reoccurring activity?

There are several triggers that can create an outbreak. Stress, sun exposure, hormones and low immunity can definitely be factors, but additionally, your choices of foods can greatly influence an outbreak of cold sores.

Let’s address immunity first. Poor nutrition and processed foods lack vital nutrients that are important for a healthy immune system. Refined sugar, in particular, is a culprit because it interferes with your white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria, thus making it harder to prevent cold sores. Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and other wholesome foods build your immunity and are important for overall health as well.

Next, eating and avoiding certain foods can be key.

Your body needs good amino acids for a healthy immune system. Eating a diet rich in L-Lysine promotes antiviral activity and can help prevent an outbreak of cold sores. However, L-Arginine, is what cold sores feed on and eating foods rich in L-Arginie can actually cause an outbreak. Knowing which foods to include and which to minimize are super helpful if you are prone to regular outbreaks of cold sores.

L-Lysine can be found in supplement form and taken regularly to help prevent cold sores. Foods also rich in L-Lysine are vegetables, lentils and other legumes, beef, fish and poultry.

L-Arginine, however, is found in many favorite foods which can trigger and feed cold sores. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts, flaxseeds, sesame & sunflower seeds, chocolate, carob, coconut, dark leafy greens including spinach, and many whole grains include a significant source of L-Arginine. Ugh – and most of these are favorite foods of mine, especially the nuts and seeds!

Additionally, acidic foods and beverage such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, juices, sodas, pickles, vinegar-based foods and white flour snacks can exacerbate sores.

So just when I got my winning cookie recipe, I obviously way overdid it on the L-Arginine foods and vinegar – bummer! Even though these foods are mostly healthy foods and can’t be avoided all the time, large amounts of these foods on a regular basis can be part of the problem when it comes to cold sores.

Now for soothing cold sores, I’ve found several things to be very helpful. Aloe vera gel is soothing and healing; echinacea tea or tincture can be taken internally to address the virus. Essential oils such as melaleuca, melissa, and peppermint can be dotted on topically which are soothing and specifically support a quicker recovery. Helichrysum is also excellent in accelerating the recovery process….not sure what I’d do without these!

There’s always a cause – and knowing some of the root causes is helpful. Respectively, there are always solutions found in nature and the more we use nature’s solutions, the better we are long-term.

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Happy Health to you…. hopefully you can avoid those cold sores in the future!

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