Why do I promote doTERRA essential oils being your best natural solution?

1) Most of the essential oils on the market will go rancid within a few months/years. But wait, pure essential oils won’t go rancid… unless they are diluted. So if essential oils do go rancid and they don’t list a carrier oil in the ingredients that’s false labeling – you don’t know what’s in them. You do with doTERRA! Rigorous testing before they arrive, after they arrive and after bottling happens with EACH batch of oils they source.

2) Essential oils can be sold so cheaply simply because they are NOT tested. You have NO IDEA what’s in them….carrier oils, synthetic components, contaminants, fragrances, and most importantly therapeutic properties that will produce any positive benefits for you. And the more diluted, the less effective. Reviews show that most essential oils are pathetically polluted, not what you think you are buying. Testing is VITAL to insure your safety!

3) Most essential oils out there are not labeled safe for internal consumption….why? Because they are not tested, the company has no idea what they contain so they don’t want to be responsible for internal recommendations. BUT if lemon essential oil cannot be used internally, is it really safe to use aromatically or topically? Remember ALL uses end up going internally anyway, right? So if basil, peppermint, black pepper, orange, etc. says not for internal use… it’s probably NOT SAFE to use at all! But more importantly…. there’s too much information out there today that suggests the use of essential oils for internal use, so you should be able to use them internally to detox, build immunity, support organs and regenerate cellularly. You can use doTERRA’s essential oils internally – just look for the “supplement fact” label on the bottle to insure safe for consumption. If it’s not there, that means its best application is aromatic or topical.

4) People don’t buy ‘essential oils’ – they buy results and that’s what they/you expect. Me too! I speak from personal experience on this. I wasted SO MUCH money on cheap oils that didn’t produce results. I couldn’t figure out why all the raves – sometimes I got results but most of the time, I just got dizzy from all the “synthetic” ingredients from the “top” companies from local stores. They simply did not work! THEN I found doTERRA – a company who cares about the quality, the people who source them AND most of all, the people that use them! They are carefully prepared so you and I get top results.

That’s why doTERRA’s priority is education. Learn all you can and experiment when you have an ailment or dysfunction. These essential oils will prove themselves to be more effective, safer, AND less expensive than any other solution out there. If not, I GUARANTEE YOU that I wouldn’t be spending my time here.

Take a few minute of your time and review some of these videos on essential oils uses to further your education: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/videos

But don’t take my word for it. The only way to test this is to try them for yourself…. and if you will do this, here’s my guarantee: I will refund any unused oils you purchase! That means you are not out any money at all. Just go to:

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-Email me at erleen@EssentialLife.ME and let me know you are putting these on trial so I know.
We will keep in touch – no pressure – but I want to help you have good experiences.

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