I won’t forget this year… 2010… I had just been introduced to doTERRA’s line of essential oils. I had used essential oils on occasion prior to that. They were ok, some worked, some didn’t. When I saw women carry them with them everywhere they went, I thought they were nuts! What the heck for?

When I was introduced to doTERRA’s essential oils – they were different! I wasn’t sure what was different but they just were. I wasn’t interested in selling them AT ALL – but I did want to learn more about essential oils and their benefits.

My first kit of oils included a bottle of Slim & Sassy metabolic blend…interesting! I was told it was for:

  • speeding up your metabolism
  • improving digestive function
  • reducing appetite
  • balancing blood sugar
  • and the side effect was weight loss! Interesting!

So come December, I decided to put it to the test. I added several drops to my glass of water throughout the day. I was amazed….it did all of the above! Plus I had lots of energy and I was losing weight.

I shared this with a few people and they all laughed. I had only lost 2 pounds and they thought that was too little to count. However, 1) I didn’t need to lose weight (at 110 pounds), and 2) everyone else at this time of year was gaining weight and I was losing it! To me, that was significant simply since I wasn’t doing anything except adding a few drops of Slim & Sassy to my water throughout the day.

Wow! No matter what anyone else said, I saw a difference in my weight and how I felt. These essential oils were working for me!

Slim & Sassy essential oil blend includes:

  • Cinnamon: blood sugar balancing, reduces appetite
  • Ginger: aids digestion, reduces appetite
  • Peppermint: aids digestion, dispels gut microbes, acts as catalyst
  • Lemon: cleansing, alkalizing, exports toxins
  • Grapefruit: shrinks fat cells, cleansing

As a blend, it’s terrific in raising your metabolism… side effect: weight loss!

I now carry essential oils everywhere I go in my mini first-aid kit which has been a life-saver for all kinds of situations. I no longer underestimate the power of essential oils and the wonderful benefits they provide. Quality, pure, therapeutic essential oils as these were game-changers for me that all started with that bottle of Slim & Sassy!

How about you? Are you willing to give them a try?

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Happy Health!

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