What are Assets and Liabilities and what do they have to do with your financial, physical & emotional health?

In your Financial Health, we have come to understand that:

  • Assets are simply what you own, while liabilities are simply what you owe.
  • An asset is something that puts money in your pocket.
  • A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.

In your Physical & Emotional Health, we also have assets and liabilities. Your daily intake of food, drink and what you put in and on your body is much like money going in or coming out of your pocket.

Unfortunately, most people have been programmed to believe that their health challenges are all genetics – their health challenges are unchangeable, it’s what they are given. However, there is much research out there that proves otherwise, and genetics only contributes to a small percentage of your health challenges. The rest depends on what you put in and on your body each and every day.

What are Your Health Liabilities?

Your Physical & Emotional Health liabilities include:

  • processed foods
  • chemical pesticides, food additives, artificial flavorings, preservatives
  • soft drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks – all of which are chemical and artificial stimulants in one form or another
  • chemical body care, skin care, cleaning products
  • synthetically produced health care, completely foreign to your body

Sooner or later your body must reckon with these foreign substances which become liabilities to your health which is manifested in these ways…

  • emotional distress and imbalance
  • physical discomfort, aches, soreness
  • dis-ease
  • create disintegration, disorder

What are Your Health Assets?

Your Physical & Emotional Health assets include:

  • whole, unadulterated foods
  • pure water, herbal beverages
  • clean and nourishing body care and cleaning products
  • essential oils and herbals that support and regenerate your body

These items are assets that come from nature, created by the same creator as our bodies. These assets can:

  • support healthy emotions
  • support good physical activity and endurance
  • create at-ease
  • accelerate, regenerate, create order

Bottom line…..is your body working for you or working against you? That may be a confusing thought but your mind and your emotional health controls your physical health, and when you starve your brain from necessary nutrients and instead substitute foreign chemicals to do the job, eventually your body is a constant liability, requiring substance after substance to keep you going.

In nature, we find the solutions, and they are your assets…wholesome unadulterated foods, water, essential oils and plant-derived solutions.

The choice is yours! Every day you choose assets or liabilities that produce the health results you are experiencing for the most part. What do you choose?


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Have a healthy happy week!

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